Graduate Student Kenny Chen stands before a brick wall

Kenny Chen

Graduate Student, Shoulders Group

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Chemistry and Biology Major Madeleine Kline stands in the Boston Common

Madeleine Kline

Chemistry and Biology Major, Class of 2020

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Chemistry Major Eleane Lema poses in front of a wall.

Eleane Lema

Chemistry Major, Class of 2021

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Postdoc Sayaka Masuko stands in the hallway of the Chemistry Building.

Sayaka Masuko

Postdoctoral Researcher, Kiessling Group

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Chemistry major Jennifer Plotkin poses in front of a blank wall.

Jennifer Plotkin

MIT Chemistry Undergraduate Alumna, Class of 2015

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Postdoc Marcel Schreier poses in an outdoor setting.

Marcel Schreier

Postdoctoral Researcher, Surendranath Group

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Image of postdoctoral researcher Ivo Stassen.

Ivo Stassen

Postdoctoral Researcher, Dincă Group

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Undergraduate Chemistry Major Miller Tan poses in front of the Boston skyline

Miller Tan

Chemistry Major, Class of 2020

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Graduate Student Henry Tran poses outdoors in front of a sculpture.

Henry Tran

Graduate Student, Van Voorhis Group

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Chemistry Major Ruth Tweedy sits on a pebbly beach.

Ruth Tweedy

Chemistry Major, Class of 2020

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Chemistry Major Corin Wagen stands in the hall of Building 18

Corin Wagen

Chemistry Major, Class of 2019

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Chemistry alumnus Daniel Zhang poses in front of a cream curtain.

Daniel Zhang

MIT Chemistry Undergraduate Alumnus, Class of 2015

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Postdoctoral researcher Wen Zhou stands on the subway platform.

Wen Zhou

Postdoctoral Researcher, Lippard Group

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