Madeleine Kline, Class of 2020

Chemistry and Biology Major Madeleine Kline stands in the Boston CommonMadeleine is an Undergraduate Chemistry and Biology Major.

The MIT undergraduate is unique in so many ways. I am course 5-7 (chemistry and biology) and I feel that my studies have allowed me to learn from some of the top researchers in their fields. Students have access to and the option to participate in high quality research as undergraduates, which I think is valuable. Additionally, even though professors are focused on their research, I have had so many professors who enjoy interacting with their students and getting to know them. I’ve done a Student-Faculty Dinner (sponsored by the Undergraduate Association) every semester with a group of friends and I think I’d agree that the faculty at MIT are one of the most underutilized resources by undergraduates. I think the undergraduate experience is also unique because of the emphasis on collaboration. Students work together on problem sets and studying for exams and people are generally happy to answer questions and help you out which I think is wonderful. Lastly, MIT undergrads are passionate about everything they do, including their extracurricular activities. My experience in the clubs that I’m a part of has enhanced my experience here further.