Disability Accommodations

The Department of Chemistry welcomes disability, and regards it as essential to our diverse population. In an effort to streamline information on obtaining the accommodations necessary to ensure a safe, healthy work space for all, MIT’s policies, valuable resources, and a series of FAQs can be found on this page.


MIT and the Department of Chemistry are committed to the principle of equal opportunity and to providing effective and reasonable accommodations to all members of our community with documented disabilities, in accordance with federal law.

Pursuant to Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, MIT has adopted an internal process to provide the prompt and fair resolution of complaints alleging a violation of MIT’s nondiscrimination policy based on a disability. MIT has designated the Chancellor (for student matters) and the Vice President for Human Resources (for employee matters) as Section 504 Coordinators; formal complaints alleging discrimination based on a disability may be submitted to them. Also see Sections 9.3 Nondiscrimination9.5 Harassment, and 9.8 Complaint Resolution.