Faculty Forum Online: Course 5 on COVID-19

Categories: Faculty, Research

On June 29, 2020, five Department of Chemistry faculty members discussed their work on COVID-19.

This special Faculty Forum Online webcast from June 29, 2020, spotlights five MIT faculty researchers from the Department of Chemistry and their work on the COVID-19 pandemic.

Moderated by department head Troy Van Voorhis, this webcast features short talks by each faculty member followed by an interactive Q&A discussion and breakouts with faculty speakers.

Featured speakers:
Mei Hong, Professor
Laura Kiessling ’83, Novartis Professor
Bradley Pentelute, Associate Professor
Alex Shalek, Pfizer-Laubach CD Associate Professor
Timothy Swager, John D. MacArthur Professor
Troy Van Voorhis, Department Head/Haslam and Dewey Professor (moderator)

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