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A man in a suit smiles against a brick wall.

C. Brandon Ogbunu named MLK Visiting Professor

Ogbunu will join the Department of Chemistry this Fall.

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A female faculty member smiles while seated behind a desk.

Danna Freedman named 2022 Blavatnik Award Finalist

Blavatnik Scholars are recognized for their contributions to the advancement of the human condition through scientific progress.

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An image depicting the science explained in the caption.

Chemists reveal how tau proteins form tangles

Two types of tau proteins mix together in a nearly random way to generate the tangles seen in the brains of Alzheimer’s patients.

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New light-powered catalysts could aid in manufacturing

When coated onto plastic tubing, the catalysts could act on chemicals flowing through, helping to synthesize drugs and other compounds.

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Movassaghi paper published in JACS

The paper, Total Synthesis of (−)-Voacinol and (−)-Voacandimine C, was published online on May 11, 2022

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Image of Professor Dan Suess

Dan Suess wins Camille Dreyfus Teacher-Scholar Award

Award recognizes talents and leadership qualities of young faculty in the chemical sciences.

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Image of Professor Gabriela Schlau-Cohen

Gabriela Schlau-Cohen earns Tenure

Professor Gabriela Schlau-Cohen has been promoted to Associate Professor with Tenure effective July 1, 2022.

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“Spring-loaded” system pops phosphorus into molecular rings

An alternative to methods requiring harsh chemical conditions, the reaction offers a new route to making useful phosphorous-containing compounds.

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Brett McGuire wins 2022 Teaching with Digital Technology Award

These sudent-nominated awards recognize faculty and instructors who have used digital technology to improve teaching and learning for MIT students.

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Image of Professor Alison Wendlandt

Alison Wendlandt interviewed by Chemical & Engineering News

Wendlandt, an Assistant Professor, joined the faculty in 2018.

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Clusters of colored dots with coded key below, text reads: Cell types: neutrophils, B cells, T cells, dendritic cells, eosinophils, GPNMB+ macrophages, CSN1S1+ macrophages, fibroblasts, LALBA low epithelial, LALBA high epithelial. Lactation Stage (weeks): Early (3-6 days), Transitional (10-14 days), Mature (15-18 days), Late 1 (5-13 weeks), Late 2 (14-25 weeks), Late 3 (26-33 weeks), Late 4 (34-90 weeks)

Study reveals the dynamics of human milk production

A new analysis shows how milk-producing cells change over time in nursing mothers.

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Image consists of several chemical formulae and molecular renderings, explained in captions.

Chemical reactions for the energy transition

Yogesh Surendranath and his team are bringing powerful techniques of electrochemistry to bear on the problem of designing catalysts for sustainable fuels.

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Headshots of the three faculty named LUCI collaborators.

Three faculty named as research collaborators in the 2021 class of LUCI Fellows

Professors Swager, Nelson, and Englund will work with scientists from military service labs in this DoD-funded initiative.

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