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Heather Kulik smiles in an outdoor setting.

Mining the right transition metals in a vast chemical space

Computational chemists design better ways of discovering and designing materials for energy applications.

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Study: Smoke particles from wildfires can erode the ozone layer

MIT chemists show the Australian wildfires widened the ozone hole by 10 percent in 2020.

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Gabriela Schlau-Cohen in her lab.

Gabriela Schlau-Cohen: Illuminating photosynthesis

Using ultrafast spectroscopy, the chemistry professor studies the energy transfer that occurs at femtosecond timescales inside plant leaves.

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Fred Greene and Dietmar Seyferth Share Department Memories in New Video Series

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A pile of powdered phosphorus.

A more sustainable way to generate phosphorus

MIT chemists found a way to cut the carbon footprint of producing white phosphorus, an ingredient in many consumer products.

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Suess Paper Published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences

The paper, "Facile and dynamic cleavage of every iron–sulfide bond in cuboidal iron–sulfur clusters", was published on January 31, 2023.

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Researchers map brain cell changes in Alzheimer’s disease

Study reveals key cell structures and gene expression changes near amyloid plaques and tau tangles in mouse brain tissue.

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Targeting cancer with a multidrug nanoparticle

Using bottlebrush-shaped particles, researchers can identify and deliver synergistic combinations of cancer drugs.

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Brandon Ogbunu smiles in front of the pillared dome of MIT.

Brandon Ogbunu is a radical collaborator

MLK Visiting Professor tries to “maximize connection time” while studying protein evolution.

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Kulik paper published in Nature Computational Science

The paper, A transferable recommender approach for selecting the best density functional approximations in chemical discovery, was published on 12/22/22.

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A cartoon depicting the science indicated in the caption.

New tool can assist with identifying carbohydrate-binding proteins

Groundbreaking research can help alleviate the challenges affiliated with studying carbohydrates.

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A photo of the MIT Campus at springtime.

Creating Bonds with Chemistry Program to Expand in 2023

Looking toward its third year, the program endeavors to create enduring relationships between MIT Chemistry Faculty and students at minority-serving institution

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Using light to manipulate neuron excitability

A new optogenetics-based tool allows researchers to control how neurons respond to electrical input.

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