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Chemistry Alumnus Arthur Spivack to Co-Chair NASA’S Astrobiolgy Science Conference

Spivack (V SB'80, PhD '86) is currently Professor of Oceanography at URI's Graduate School of Oceanography.

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Researchers reveal the discovery of a new molecule in space

Molecular discoveries allow us to better understand the development of molecular complexity in space during the star formation process.

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A woman with brown hair smiles in front of two bright windows.

Graduate Student Spotlight: Nicole Angehrn

Chemistry Graduate Student Nicole Angehrn describes her research and answers 20 random questions as part of the Graduate Student Spotlight series.

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A cartoon of two stick figures holding vials.

Messenger RNAs with multiple “tails” could lead to more effective therapeutics

Scientists have engineered long lasting mRNAs that increased therapeutic protein production in cells and animals.

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JoAnne Stubbe stands before a packed lecture hall delivering her lecture.

JoAnne Stubbe Delivers 2024 Davison Lecture in Inorganic Chemistry

Stubbe is the Novartis Professor Emerita and the winner of a National Medal of Science.

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An image of a faucet dripping water into a half full glass.

A new sensor detects harmful “forever chemicals” in drinking water

The technology could offer a cheap, fast way to test for PFAS, which have been linked to cancer and other health problems.

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Anne Serby works in a lab setting in 1980 as depicted in a black and white photo.

New exhibits showcase trailblazing MIT women

Materials from MIT’s Distinctive Collections reveal stories of women at the Institute.

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Madeleine Laitz, left, and lead author Dane deQuilettes stand side by side in the lab.

Study unlocks nanoscale secrets for designing next-generation solar cells

The work will help researchers tune surface properties of perovskites, a promising alternative and supplement to silicon, for more efficient photovoltaics.

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Charles Black and Anna Beck stand side by side wearing blue lab coats, protective eyewear, and gloves.

Inspiring Tomorrow’s Innovators: First Year Students Make Unique Penicillins

5.301 Laboratory Chemistry Techniques provides undergraduate first year students a lab experience from theory to useful products in antibiotic synthesis.

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Ashton Davis smiles behind a beagle.

Graduate Student Spotlight: Ashton Davis

Chemistry Graduate Student Ashton Davis describes his research and answers 20 random questions as part of the Graduate Student Spotlight series.

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A man in a suit (Moungi Bawendi) speaks to a packed lecture hall, standing before three display screens.

Moungi Bawendi delivers Nobel Lecture to the MIT Community

On Thursday, February 8, members of the MIT Community and alumni were treated to a lecture by 2023 Nobel Laureate Professor Moungi Bawendi.

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Dr. Jill Alty brings to life a new conference to showcase polymer research by women

The inaugural Polymer Women Empowerment & Research (PoWER) conference will be held at Northwestern University from July 11-12, 2024.

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A student clad in a yellow rain suit splattered with paint stands between two men with blue heads and takes a bow on stage.

Performance art and science collide as students experience “Blue Man Group”

Students from Course 5.111 were treated to a performance that brought to life the chemical structures and crystal field theory concepts covered in class.

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