Cardboard boxes of PPE in a pile.

Unused Personal Protective Equipment donated to local hospitals

Categories: Faculty, Staff, Students

Research groups from the Department of Chemistry donated their unused PPE to Boston hospitals fighting the COVID-19 pandemic.

When statewide orders to stay at home shut down the typical amount of research conducted within the labs of the Department of Chemistry, researchers seized the opportunity to help offset the massive shortage of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) that area hospitals faced.

Fifteen research groups – the Bawendi, Buchwald, Dinca, Drennan, Johnson, Kiessling, Nolan, Radosevich, Raines, Schlau-Cohen, Schrock, Shoulders, Swager, Wendlandt, and Undergraduate Teaching labs –  swiftly gathered their unused surgical masks, protective gowns, sterile swabs and nitrile gloves, and prepared them for delivery to Massachusetts General Hospital and Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston. The majority of the donations were in the form of nitrile gloves, with more than 550 boxes collected and donated.

The Department of Chemistry is extremely grateful to all who participated in this effort to provide needed supplies to our local healthcare workers, and to the DCIF staff who helped manage the collection area.