Department of Chemistry Instrumentation Facility (DCIF)

The Department of Chemistry Instrumentation Facility (DCIF) is the shared instrument facility for the Chemistry Department located in the sub-basement (18-0090) of the Camille Edouard Dreyfus Building on the main MIT campus.

Reservations note – we have replaced Res1B with our web-enabled/mobile Res1P application as of January 4, 2021

COVID-19 update: As of March 14, 2022, the DCIF  has moved to an updated post-Phase 3 policy – masks are optional, and all social distancing and touch transmission rules have been lifted, in keeping with the revised MIT campus policies. The lab is open to all MIT research staff and students 24 hours/day, 7 days/week if you have authorized DCIF access;  manual instruments may be reserved with Res1P.

Access to the MIT campus for external DCIF users has been augmented with the Tim Ticket system, which allows individuals outside of MIT to access campus buildings. With the Tim Ticket system, external DCIF users can access the facility as they have in the past. Reach out to the DCIF Staff if you would like to be added to the system. For batch sample submission, also consider using the Batch NMR Automation process – Batch Automation spreadsheets can be found further down the page under ‘Application Notes’.

The DCIF has received a generous gift of a 20MHz time-domain NMR system from Dr. Christian Tanzer in April, 2022. This instrument may be used for routine T2 and T1 measurements for a variety of materials, and is an excellent instrument for teaching NMR fundamentals. See the ‘Other Instruments’ tab for additional details.

The Chemistry Department and the DCIF, in collaboration with IS&T, have added the Mestrelab NMR Predictor module to our Mestranova NMR site license. All MIT users of the software have access; go to the IS&T ‘Get Software’ page to download the current license files.

A note for MIT users of the DCIF – if your cost object has changed, please send your updated information to the Chemistry Billing address; they will be happy to make the change for you.

Please check back periodically for updates. If you have specific questions, please email Walt Massefski (listed under ‘Staff’ below).

About the DCIF

Instruments and Software

Application Notes

Below are a series of application notes that describe special applications or the use of DCIF instruments in the study of non-standard samples.

DCIF Seminar series

The DCIF sponsors seminars through our own Seminar series (including occasional external seminars), gives guest lectures as part of the MIT Chemistry curriculum, and runs informal short courses on advanced topics in spectroscopy. Slides from some of these presentations can be found below.

Upcoming seminars