A wide shot of several instruments in the Department of Chemistry Instrumentation Facility.

Department of Chemistry Instrumentation Facility (DCIF)

The Department of Chemistry Instrumentation Facility (DCIF) is the shared instrument facility for the Chemistry Department located in the sub-basement (18-0090) of the Camille Edouard Dreyfus Building on the main MIT campus.

COVID-19 update: MIT Research has moved to Phase 3 as of Wednesday, October 14, but the DCIF will continue to operate under its Phase 2 plan –  the details of lab operations during this phase can be found in the  DCIF Phase 2 Guide. The most important differences from the Phase 1 restart are that  1) the lab will now be open 24 hours/day, 7 days/week for MIT users that are authorized to enter Building 18;  2) manual instruments may be reserved with Res1b, although there are some safety-related restrictions that are found in the Phase 2 Guide;  3) new user trainings will resume, using our new remote-access training materials.

Since access to the MIT campus continues to be limited for the wider community, our process to accommodate external DCIF users will continue as is. External DCIF users should reach out to us if they have samples that we can help with. For batch sample submission, also consider using the Batch NMR Automation process – Batch Automation spreadsheets can be found further down the page under ‘Application Notes’.

We will continue to operate with one member of staff working from home each week throughout the summer and fall; for the next four weeks this will be – 

October 26-30 – Bruce
November 2-6 – Walt
November 9-13 – John
November 16-20 – Mohan

The remote drop-off (Building 18, Room 18-524c) for NMR automation samples is available 24/7; please use the Avance400 Batch Automation spreadsheet to submit your samples via remote drop-off.

Please check back periodically for updates. If you have specific questions, please email Walt Massefski (listed under ‘Staff’ below).

About the DCIF


Application Notes

Below are a series of application notes that describe special applications or the use of DCIF instruments in the study of non-standard samples.

DCIF Seminar series

The DCIF sponsors seminars through our own Seminar series (including occasional external seminars), gives guest lectures as part of the MIT Chemistry curriculum, and runs informal short courses on advanced topics in spectroscopy. Slides from some of these presentations can be found below.

Upcoming seminars