The logo of the podcast features an aerial view of a coffee mug filled with the galaxy instead of coffee. Red and blue capital letters spell out ASTROCHEM COFFEE.

Brett McGuire launches Astrochem Coffee podcast

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Hosted by McGuire and a parade of guests, Astrochem Coffee covers a bevy of topics and current events in the field of astrochemistry.

Class of 1943 Career Development Assistant Professor Brett McGuire has added podcast host to his repertoire with Astrochem Coffee, a monthly podcast designed as a continuation of his efforts to broaden awareness of the field of Astrochemistry.

Astrochem Coffee was designed and launched in August 2023 by the organizers of the Astrochemistry Discussions Webinar series.   Each episode of Astrochem Coffee, hosted by McGuire and a variety of guests, recaps recently released astrochemical literature that came out in the preceding month, and then either deep-dives into astrochemistry papers or, as in the latest episode, features an interview with an author of a paper directly. McGuire and his guests also recount the history of astrochemistry as seen through both papers and news articles, announce upcoming conferences, and advertise available student and postdoc positions. Many of the historical deep dives and interviews are conducted with the goal of appealing to a broad audience.

“I started a monthly webinar series called Astrochemistry Discussions in the early days of the 2020 COVID lockdowns as a way of keeping our community together while we were all stuck inside,” said McGuire. “As in-person conferences and meetings started happening again, it was clear the community needed something other than webinars.  We [the organizing committee that now runs Astrochemistry Discussions] asked folks what they wanted, and what we heard was podcast, podcast, podcast.  So, here it is – Astrochem Coffee!”In addition to other podcast listening apps, interested listeners can catch Astrochem Coffee on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Amazon, and Acast.