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Alison Wendlandt interviewed by Chemical & Engineering News

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Wendlandt, an Assistant Professor, joined the faculty in 2018.

Alison Wendlandt, the Green Career Development Assistant Professor of Chemistry, was interviewed in a recent issue of Chemical & Engineering News (C&EN).

“Fascinated by the power of organic synthesis and catalysis, early-career Massachusetts Institute of Technology chemist Alison Wendlandt is solving cutting-edge questions. Wendlandt is pushing the boundaries of selective, catalytic chemistry in alkene isomerization reactions and carbohydrate and complex molecule synthesis. Bec Roldan spoke with Wendlandt about her journey to leading her own research lab and how being queer has been integral to that journey.”

Read the full interview at C&EN.

Research in the Wendlandt Group focuses on the development of selective, catalytic reactions using the tools of organic/organometallic synthesis and physical organic chemistry. Mechanistic study plays a central role in the development of these new transformations. Projects in the group involve the design of new catalysts and catalytic transformations, the identification of important applications for selective catalytic processes, and the elucidation of new mechanistic principles to expand powerful existing catalytic reaction manifolds. Researchers in the Wendlandt Group can expect to gain expertise in synthetic organic chemistry, reaction kinetics and mechanistic study.