X-Ray Diffraction Facility

The Department of Chemistry’s X-Ray Diffraction Facility is equipped with two modern and versatile Bruker diffractometers. These diffractometers are coupled to extraordinarily sensitive Bruker APEX and APEX2 CCD detectors that give rise to high-resolution data even on very small crystals (down to 10μm) and facilitate the collection of complete and highly redundant datasets in any given Laue class. Modern low-temperature devices from Oxford Cryosystems, covering a temperature range from 90 to 500K, complete our setup. The X-ray Diffraction Facility offers full single crystal X-ray structure determination at two wavelengths (Cu or Mo), including the determination of absolute configuration of chiral molecules from anomalous scattering.


Dr. Peter Mueller
Department of Chemistry X-Ray Diffraction Facility
77 Massachusetts Avenue
Building 2 Room 325
Cambridge, MA 02139
Phone: (617) 253-1884
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Hours of operation are Monday – Friday from 9:00AM. to 4:00PM.
MIT Faculty, Students, and Staff can feel free to drop by any time, or reach out to make an appointment. If you are not a member of the MIT community and wish to use the X-Ray Facility, please see the section marked For External Organizations below.

About the X-Ray Diffraction Facility