A photo of the UROP presenters standing in front of the Dreyfus Building on MIT Campus.

Undergraduate Research Showcased at 2023 UROP Symposium

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The annual event featured eight oral presentations and six poster presentations from participants in the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program.

On Friday, May 12, members of the Department of Chemistry community gathered for the annual Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP) Symposium. Over the course of the afternoon, fourteen undergraduate researchers in various labs throughout their department presented their work in the form of Oral and Poster presentations.

Oral Session

Anna Bair (Suess Lab)
Synthesis of Electronically Variable NHC Ligands to Investigate Spin Isomerism and π-bonding Trends of FeS clusters

Josh Lian (Suess Lab)
Elucidating the Interactions of FeMo-co with Enigmatic AnfO

Nicolas Manno (Radosevich Lab)
Acid to nitrile one-pot conversion catalyzed by phosphetane oxides

Yu-Che Chien (Nelson Lab)
Nonlinear magnon coupling in orthoferrites

Shicheng Hu (Radosevich Lab)
Electrophilic Cyanation of C–H Nucleophiles by PIII/PV=O Catalyzed Deoxygenation of the Cyanate Anion

Angelica Phan (Nolan Lab)

Karla Ravin (Dincă Lab)

Jason Zhang (Wendlandt Lab)
C-H functionalization of pyridazines with α-chloro boronic esters

Poster Session

Marissa Abbott (Raines Lab)
Gene Therapy Without the Genes: Delivering Proteins via Traceless Bioreversible Strategy

Sophia Mirda (Shoulders Lab)
Elucidating collagen-II proteostasis defects in a human chondrodysplasia using induced pluripotent stem cells

Jovan Markovic (Willard Lab)
Computational Characterization of Nuclear Effects in Coupled Chromophore Monolayers

Anna Plank (Shoulders Lab)
Improving In-Vivo Mutagenesis with MutaT7 Systems

Christopher Tong (Freedman Lab)
Design and Synthesis of Cerium (III) Molecular Color Center Candidates for Quantum Sensing

Leon Wang (Wendlandt Lab)
Dehydrogenative Tailoring-Enabled Synthesis of Noncanonical Amino Acids

UROPs provide undergraduates with a chance to collaborate with MIT faculty in research at the cutting edge of the chemical sciences. Participating in a UROP project is an excellent way to experience the excitement of discovery and to further develop your communication and teamwork skills. In addition, UROP provides an opportunity to develop closer relationships with faculty and research staff.