Undergraduate Achievements Celebrated at 2023 Recognition Banquet

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This annual event, held on May 16, 2023, honored the accomplishments of the graduating Class of 2023 and other undergraduate students.

On Tuesday, May 16, 2023, the Undergraduate Recognition Banquet was held in the R&D Common Area of the Stata Center. Chemistry faculty, staff, and students gathered to celebrate the Course 5 and Course 5-7 graduating class of 2023 and their achievements, in addition to those of other members of the undergraduate community.

Over the course of the event, each graduating senior was recognized for their achievements by a member of the Chemistry faculty, and undergraduate and senior awards were presented.

At the evening’s conclusion, the members of the Class of 2023 were among the first to receive this year’s departmental gift – a limited edition Department of Chemistry belt bag.

Congratulations to all award recipients, and to the Senior Class of 2023!

2023 Undergaduate Awards

First-Year Chemistry Achievement Award
For outstanding academic achievement in chemistry
Ne Dassanayake
Wasin Tiarawut

Outstanding Sophomore Achievement Award
For outstanding achievement in academics, research, and service to the Department of Chemistry
Josh Lian
Leon Wang

Royal Society of Chemistry Certificate of Undergraduate Excellence (Junior)
For exceptional dedication, performance, and engagement in coursework and research.
Mudita Goyal
Cholapat (Turbo) Varongchayakul

Outstanding UROP Presentation Award
For outstanding undergraduate research and in recognition of the best presentation at the 2017 Chemistry UROP Symposium
Angelica Phan

Alpha Chi Sigma
For outstanding achievement in scholarship, research, and service to the Department of Chemistry
Chae Rin Kim
Vin Armelin
Jeffrey Shi

For outstanding contributions in the area of research
Yu-Che Chien
Edward Jin
RuiYang (Michelle) Guo
Pedro Colon
Sophia Mirda
Jupneet Singh
Yu Meng Zhang

For significant contributions in the area of service to the Department of Chemistry
Chanseo Leo
Anna Bair

Academic Achievement Award
For outstanding scholarship
Anton Morgunov
Albert Liu
Andrew Wu
Yu-Che Chien
Dhyey Gandhi
Chanseo Lee
Westley Wu
Edward Jin
Anton Ni
Gabriella Aponte

ACS Inorganic Chemistry Award
For excellence in Inorganic Chemistry
Dion Sukhram

ACS Organic Chemistry Award
For excellence in Organic Chemistry
Anton Ni

Frederick D. Greene Teaching Award
Outstanding contributions in the area of teaching
Vin Armelin
Westley Wu