Heather Kulik smiles in an outdoor setting.

Heather J. Kulik to join the Chemistry Faculty

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Kulik, an Associate Professor, will hold a joint appointment in the Departments of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering.

The Department of Chemistry is pleased to welcome Professor Heather J. Kulik (Course 3 PhD ’09) to the faculty as a jointly appointed Professor with the Department of Chemical Engineering.

Kulik received her B.E. in Chemical Engineering from Cooper Union in 2004, and her PhD in Materials Science and Engineering from MIT in 2009. She completed postdocs at Lawrence Livermore (2010) and Stanford (2010−2013), prior to returning to MIT as a faculty member in the Department of Chemical Engineering.

Her work has been recognized by a Burroughs Wellcome Fund Career Award at the Scientific Interface (2012-2017), Office of Naval Research Young Investigator Award (2018), DARPA Young Faculty Award (2018), AAAS Marion Milligan Mason Award (2019-2020), NSF CAREER Award (2019), the Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research “Class of Influential Researchers”, the ACS COMP Division OpenEye Award for Outstanding Junior Faculty in Computational Chemistry, the JPCB Lectureship (ACS PHYS), the DARPA Director’s Fellowship (2020), and a Sloan Fellowship (2021).

The Kulik Group’s research lies at the interface of computational chemistry, chemical engineering, and materials science for a wide range of applications from fundamental biochemistry to data-driven discovery of new molecules and materials. The group prioritizes learning—from each other and from the world around us—in their goal to advance the field and their own fundamental knowledge, while staying mindful of the impact we have on each other and society.