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QS World University Rankings rates MIT No. 1 in 11 subjects for 2024

The Institute also ranks second in five subject areas.

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An image of a faucet dripping water into a half full glass.

A new sensor detects harmful “forever chemicals” in drinking water

The technology could offer a cheap, fast way to test for PFAS, which have been linked to cancer and other health problems.

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Anne Serby works in a lab setting in 1980 as depicted in a black and white photo.

New exhibits showcase trailblazing MIT women

Materials from MIT’s Distinctive Collections reveal stories of women at the Institute.

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An image of colorful yellow and green foliage in Cambridge.

School of Science announces 2024 Infinite Expansion Awards

Nine postdocs and research scientists honored for contributions to the Institute.

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Two rows of headshots depicting the individuals indicated in the caption.

Eight from MIT named 2024 Sloan Research Fellows

Professor Xiao Wang is among those honored for creativity, innovation, and research accomplishments.

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Madeleine Laitz, left, and lead author Dane deQuilettes stand side by side in the lab.

Study unlocks nanoscale secrets for designing next-generation solar cells

The work will help researchers tune surface properties of perovskites, a promising alternative and supplement to silicon, for more efficient photovoltaics.

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With just a little electricity, MIT researchers boost common catalytic reactions

Applying a small voltage to a catalyst can increase the rates of reactions used in petrochemical processing, pharmaceutical manufacture, and other processes.

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MIT community members honored with 2024 Franklin Institute Awards

Two professors and three additional alumni recognized for “dreaming up solutions to global challenges — advancing health, sustainability, and human connection.”

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A group of students observe a computer screen as a fellow student works on the computer.

Middle-school students meet a beam of electrons, and excitement results

EMERGE program ignites interest in science through hands-on electron microscopy.

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Susan Solomon, wearing a black blazer over a white dress, accepts a portfolio from a man wearing a suit - Deputy Prime Minister of Vietman Tran Hong Ha.

Susan Solomon wins VinFuture Award for Female Innovators

The award recognizes Solomon’s contributions to understanding ozone depletion and the creation of the Montreal Protocol.

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A student clad in a yellow rain suit splattered with paint stands between two men with blue heads and takes a bow on stage.

Performance art and science collide as students experience “Blue Man Group”

Students from Course 5.111 were treated to a performance that brought to life the chemical structures and crystal field theory concepts covered in class.

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An image of the science indicated in the caption below.

A new drug candidate can shrink kidney cysts

A compound originally developed to treat cancer could be repurposed to treat polycystic kidney disease, an inherited condition that can lead to kidney failure.

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An illustration of the scientific phenomenon indicated in the caption.

Cobalt-free batteries could power cars of the future

MIT chemists developed a battery cathode based on organic materials, which could reduce the EV industry’s reliance on scarce metals.

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