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A photo of Susan Solomon beside the cover of her new book, entitled SOLVABLE.

Q&A: What past environmental success can teach us about solving the climate crisis

In a new book, Professor Susan Solomon uses previous environmental successes as a source of hope and guidance for mitigating climate change.

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"A glowing penicillin molecule."

Scientists use computational modeling to guide a difficult chemical synthesis

Using this new approach, researchers could develop drug compounds with unique pharmaceutical properties.

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Scientists preserve DNA in an amber-like polymer

With their “T-REX” method, DNA embedded in the polymer could be used for long-term storage of genomes or digital data such as photos and music.

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Jeremiah Johnson (Left) and Heather Kulik (Right) smile in their respective headshots.

Jeremiah Johnson and Heather Kulik among the winners of the Royal Society of Chemistry’s 2024 Materials Chemistry Horizon Prize

The prize was given for demonstrating the potential and impact of embedded mechanochemical reactivity on the mechanical limits of cross-linked polymer networks.

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Advocating for science funding on Capitol Hill

PhD students and postdocs recently met with legislators to share expertise and advocate for science agency funding.

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QS ranks MIT the world’s No. 1 university for 2024-25

Ranking at the top for the 13th year in a row, the Institute also places first in 11 subject areas.

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Robert Gilliard smiles in an outdoor setting.

An expansive approach to making new compounds

To create molecules with unique properties, Associate Professor Robert Gilliard and his team deploy strategies from both organic and inorganic chemistry.

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An image depicting the science indicated below.

Researchers develop a detector for continuously monitoring toxic gases

The material could be made as a thin coating to analyze air quality in industrial or home settings over time.

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Paul Cesana smiles in front of the US Capitol Building in Washington, DC.

Graduate Student Spotlight: Paul Cesana

Chemistry Graduate Student Paul Cesana describes his research and answers 20 random questions as part of the Graduate Student Spotlight series.

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Professor Mei Hong smiles in her lab.

Seven from MIT elected to American Academy of Arts and Sciences for 2024

The prestigious honor society announces more than 250 new members, including Mei Hong, David A. Leighty Professor of Chemistry.

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A depiction of the science described in the caption below.

Researchers detect a new molecule in space

Such discoveries help researchers better understand the development of molecular complexity in space during star formation.

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Guadalupe Hayes-Mota is featured in the posters advertising the Lavender and Latinx graduation ceremonies.

Chemistry Alumnus Guadalupe Hayes-Mota to give Keynote Speech at Latinx and Lavender Graduations

Hayes-Mota (SB '08) is the CEO of Healr Solutions, an MIT Senior Lecturer, and a Massachusetts Rare Disease Advisory Council Member.

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Twenty-three MIT faculty honored as “Committed to Caring” for 2023-25

The honor recognizes professors including Chemistry Professor Xiao Wang, for their outstanding mentorship of graduate students.

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