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Chemistry Graduate Students honored with 2020-2021 Awards for Outstanding Teaching and Grading

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The awardees will be honored at an in-person ceremony to be held at the end of August.

Members of the graduate student community have been honored for their outstanding contributions to teaching and grading over the course of the 2020-2021 Academic Year. The awardees will be recognized at an in-person awards ceremony, to be held on campus later this month.

2020-2021 Outstanding Teaching Awardees

Ezra Alexander
Alison Biester
Bella Borgula
Sam Detmer
Andrei Iliescu
Alayna Johnson
Jess Kim
So Young Lee
Wei Hao Lee
Kunal Lodaya
Linsey Nowack
Jules Oppenheim
Yanina Pankratova
Robert Raclea
Greg Schuette
Madi Scott
Xin Sui
Jiakun Tian
Leah Weisburn

2020-2021 Outstanding Performance as a Graduate Grader Awardees

Audrey Norris
Yana Petri
Stephanie Smelyansky
Alex Seim