Headshots of three staff members.

Brian Pretti, Amanda Trainor, and Macall Zimmerman win 2021 Infinite Mile Awards

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Infinite Mile Awards are given annually by the School of Science in recognition of exceptional staff members.

Three members of the Department of Chemistry staff have been selected as recipients of 2021 Infinite Mile Awards from the School of Science.

Facilities and Operations administrator Brian Pretti, was nominated by Professor and Department Head Troy Van Voorhis and administrative officer Richard Wilk because Brian “is someone who goes far above and beyond his usual call of duty. He is also a joy to work with, no matter the stress or difficulty of the situation. Brian exemplifies all of the qualities of someone who truly cares about the quality of his work and those individuals he supports. He has demonstrated an incredible commitment to the Department, and it is a better place because of him.”

Technical Associate Amanda Trainor was nominated by colleagues John Dolhun, Brian Pretti, Scott Ide, John Grimes, and graduate student Axel Vera because Amanda’s “work on all aspects of various lab functions has been outstanding, from finishing her assigned responsibilities, to taking on unassigned work that needed to be done, [and] demonstrating a strong commitment to the wellbeing of the MIT community by going countless extra miles.”

Senior Financial Officer Macall Zimmerman was nominated by Professor and Department Head Troy Van Voorhis and staff colleagues Richard Wilk and Tyler Brezler because Macall “is someone who goes far above and beyond her usual call of duty. She is an excellent leader, manager, and mentor. She demonstrates an exceptional commitment to every aspect of her work and the staff whom she mentors. Our Department is a better place with her in it.”

Given annually, Infinite Mile Awards are given to staff members who go the extra mile and beyond to make MIT a better place. The winners are selected from a pool of outstanding researchers and staff who were nominated for their exceptional contributions to the community.

The 2021 Infinite Mile Award winners receive a monetary award. An in-person celebration will be held in their honor, as well as the 2021 Infinite Expansion Award winners, at a later date with their families, friends, and nominators.