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Brett McGuire earns philanthropic support for his work in complex chemical analyses

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Schmidt Futures is a philanthropic initiative that finds exceptional people and helps them do more for others together.

Brett McGuire, the Class of 1943 Career Development Assistant Professor of Chemistry, has received  grant  support from Schmidt Futures, a philanthropic initiative founded by Eric and Wendy Schmidt.  Schmidt Futures intends to recommend up to $3M to McGuire’s research group over the next five years.

Research in the McGuire Group uses the tools of physical chemistry, molecular spectroscopy, and observational astrophysics to understand how the chemical ingredients for life evolve with and help shape the formation of stars and planets.  This support  will accelerate projects in McGuire’s group to bring the tools of machine learning and automation to bear on the analysis of complex chemical mixtures using rotational spectroscopy.  Through the generous support of Schmidt Futures, the impact of McGuire’s research will expand from astrochemical studies and allow his team to explore impacts in environmental and atmospheric chemistry, industrial processes, and even human health.

Schmidt Futures is a philanthropic initiative founded by Eric and Wendy Schmidt that bets early on exceptional people making the world better, by bringing talented people together in networks to prove out their ideas and solve hard problems in science and society.