2022 UROP Symposium Showcases Undergraduate Research

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The event featured nine oral presentations and five poster presentations from participants in the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program.

On Wednesday, May 11, members of the Department of Chemistry community gathered in person for the 2022 Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP) Symposium. Over the course of the afternoon, fourteen undergraduate researchers in various labs throughout their department presented their work in the form of Oral and Poster presentations.

Oral Session 1

Omar Santiago-Reyes (Kiessling Lab)
Strategies for Covalent Labelling of Mycolic Acid Membrane Components of Mycobacterium Cell Wall

Kelly Chen (Hong Lab)
Structure and Binding Interactions of Polymorphic Aβ and Tau Fibrils via Solid-State NMR

Myles Noel (Willard Lab)
Modelling Exciton Dynamics in Perovskite Nanocrystals

Anna Bair (Suess Lab)
Synthesis of Electronically Variable NHC Ligands to Investigate Spin Isomerism and π-bonding Trends of FeS clusters

Dion Sukhram (Cummins Lab)
Boron-Anthrancene (RBA) Compounds as Molecular Precursors for Low-Coordinate Reactive Small Molecules

Poster Sessions

Karla Ravin (Dincă Lab)
MOF-177 Analogue

Hannah Grupe (Pentelute Lab)
mRNA Display: A Unique Method For The Discovery of Novel Reactive Peptides Yu-Che Chien (Nelson Lab) Nonlinear magnon coupling in orthoferrites: A two-dimensional THz spectroscopy study

Yu-Che Chien (Nelson Lab)
Nonlinear magnon coupling in orthoferrites: A two-dimensional THz spectroscopy study

Jupneet Singh (Shalek Lab)
Implementation and Application of Computational Methods to Study Chronic Metabolic Dysfunction using Single-Cell RNA-Sequencing (scRNA-seq)

Gabriella Aponte (Surendranath Lab)
Characterization of the Hydrogen Oxidation Reaction (HOR) in non-aqueous environments using Pd based Mixed Electron-Proton Conductors (MEPCs)

Oral Session 2

Anton Ni (Buchwald Lab)
Dual CuH and Pd Catalysis for Olefin Hydrofunctionalization

Andrew Hennes (Wang Lab)
A Novel System for Continuous Evolution of Biomolecules

Hieu Dinh (Surendranath Lab)
Buffer Neutralization Reveals Co-Ion Crossover-Driven Ionic Short-Circuit Mechanism in Bipolar Membranes

Garrett Hegel (Dincă Lab)
Mixed Linker Doping of a Conductive Metal-Organic Framework

UROPs provide undergraduates with a chance to collaborate with MIT faculty in research at the cutting edge of the chemical sciences. Participating in a UROP project is an excellent way to experience the excitement of discovery and to further develop your communication and teamwork skills. In addition, UROP provides an opportunity to develop closer relationships with faculty and research staff.