A student faces away from the camera wearing graduation regalia. They stand on Killian Court, looking toward the Dome.

Congratulations to the Class of 2024

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26 undergraduate Chemistry Majors were awarded their degrees on Friday, May 31, 2024.

On Friday, May 31, a lovely spring morning, 26 chemistry majors were awarded their undergraduate degrees as members of the Class of 2024. The graduates and their loved ones gathered on Killian Court and enjoyed speeches by President Sally Kornbluth and Chancellor Melissa Nobles, as well as musical performances from fellow members of the Class of 2024.

“You’ll trek through the unknown with an adventurous and generous spirit,” said Chancellor Nobles in her address to the graduates. “You’ll ask for help when you need it, and you’ll continue to inspire and give to others that follow. And above all, you’ll be confident about what is possible, what you can achieve, how you can apply your talents and skills in this complex world — because you have a hard-earned MIT degree!”

Following the ceremony, the newly graduated Class of 2024 and their guests were welcomed to a reception in the lobby of Building 18.  Guests enjoyed food, drinks, and one another’s company.

The Department is immensely proud of the graduates, and all they have accomplished during their time at MIT.

Congratulations to our newest group of Course 5 Alumni:

Peyton Acoff
Ali Alasmari
Mohammed Alkhurisi
Katherine Bell
Heng Jui Chang
Katherine Duan
Ana Florescu-Ciobotaru
Flora Fu
Isabela Fuentes
Mudita Goyal
Henry Hardart
Katherine Heslip
Shicheng Hu
Christina Kim
Jaden Luo
Jessica Mann
Emma Martin
Oswaldo Martinez
Ygor Moura
Myles Noel
Angelica Phan
Karla Ravin
Ananthan Sadagopan
Achilleus Savvidis
Daniel Sharygin
Cholapat Varongchayakul