Chemistry Conference Rooms

The Department of Chemistry oversees the following conference rooms on campus:

  • The Lester Wolfe Room (6-206)
  • The Moore Room (6-321)
  • The Amdur Room (6-233)
  • The Buchi Room (18-278)
  • The Cope Room (18-378)
  • The Noyes Room (18-478)
  • The Norris Room (18-578)
  • The Conference Room in 56-502

Conference Room Etiquette:

  • Please remove leftover food and beverages, and discard trash so the room is clean when you leave.
  • If you rearrange the furniture (chairs, tables, projector cabinets, etc.), please return to proper order. Tables should be wiped down (we cannot rely on MIT janitorial services to wipe off the tables).
  • Anything borrowed from HQ should be returned to HQ (projectors, conference phone, adaptors, keys).
  • If AV equipment, coffee containers, etc. have not been picked up by the end of your meeting, you must take these items with you.
  • Make sure lights are turned off and the doors are closed and locked when you leave.
  • Please contact Brian Pretti as soon as possible if you notice anything that is broken or missing from the conference room.

Use of Department of Chemistry conference rooms requires a reservation. Please contact your group’s administrative assistant for more details. For those outside the department who wish to use the Amdur Room (6-233), the Department of Chemistry’s shared conference room, please contact Deborah Obanla for availability.