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Image of Professor Moungi Bawendi

Moungi Bawendi

Lester Wolfe Professor
The Bawendi Lab focuses on the science and applications of nanocrystals, especially semiconductor nanocrystal (aka quantum dots).
Image of Professor Steve Buchwald

Stephen Leffler Buchwald

Camille Dreyfus Professor
Research in the Buchwald Group combines elements of organic synthesis, physical organic chemistry and organometallic chemistry to devise catalytic processes of use in solving problems of fundamental importance.
Photo of Professor Sylvia Ceyer

Sylvia Teresse Ceyer

John C Sheehan Professor
The Ceyer group explores the atomic level dynamics of the interactions of molecules with surfaces of materials that serve as catalysts relevant to energy production and environmental sustainability or as templates for nanodevices.
Photo of Professor Mircea Dinca

Mircea Dincă

Associate Professor
The Dincă Lab is focused on addressing research challenges related to the storage and consumption of energy and global environmental concerns.
Photo of Professor Jeremiah Johnson

Jeremiah A. Johnson

Associate Professor
The Johnson laboratory seeks creative, macromolecular solutions to problems at the interface of chemistry, medicine, biology, and materials science.
Image of Professor Laura Kiessling

Laura L Kiessling

Novartis Professor
The Kiessling Group uses chemical biology to elucidate the biological roles of carbohydrates, with a focus on learning new mechanistic concepts.
Image of Professor Alex Klibanov

Alexander M. Klibanov

Novartis Professor
Enzymatic catalysis in nonaqueous solvents, enzymes as stereoselective catalysts in organic synthesis, novel microbicidal materials, and the stabilization and delivery of macromolecular pharmaceuticals.
Photo of Professor Alex K Shalek

Alex K. Shalek

Pfizer-Laubach Career Development Assistant Professor
Research in the Shalek Lab is directed towards the creation and implementation of new technologies to understand how cells collectively perform systems-level functions in healthy and diseased states.
Image of Professor Yogesh Surendranath

Yogesh Surendranath

Paul M Cook Career Dev Associate Professor
The Surendranath Lab is focused on addressing global challenges in the areas of chemical catalysis, energy storage and utilization, and environmental stewardship.
Image of Professor Tim Swager

Timothy Manning Swager

John D. MacArthur Professor
Broadly focused on synthetic, supramolecular, analytical, and materials chemistry, the Swager Group is interested in a spectrum of topics with an emphasis on the synthesis and construction of functional assemblies.