Faculty Information: 2024 Visiting Weekend

Faculty Information - Visiting Weekend 2024

Faculty Information

Please indicate your participation and preferences for the upcoming Visiting Weekend on March 22nd – 24th. Please review the information below carefully before responding. Contact Jennifer Weisman (jweisman@mit.edu) or William McCoy (wmccoy@mit.edu) with any questions. Please submit this form by 5:00pm on Friday, February 24th. There will be assigned seating for the Saturday night dinner this year so it is extremely important that we have your availability by the deadline. Thank you!
If you are available during the 5:40pm slot, please indicate if you would like this time to be for scheduled appointments or for open office hours.
Would you like to designate any time slots for specific research interests?
If you would like your group to participate, or if you are unsure as to whether you would like your group to participate, the Chemistry Education Office will follow up with you in the coming weeks to finalize details.
The Friday night reception at the MIT Museum will begin at 6:30pm and you may bring one student from your group. If you are unable to attend and are actively recruiting students, you may send an additional student from your group (maximum of 2 students).
For your reference, poster stands can accommodate posters up to 91" wide and 44.75" tall. The poster stands are oriented horizontally. If you need space for more than 2 posters please email William.
The Saturday night dinner at the Samberg Center (6th Floor) will begin at 6:15pm.