Experimental Physical Chemists Meeting Information

The experimental physical chemistry Profs. Bawendi, Ceyer, Griffin, Hong, Nelson, and Schlau-Cohen have made a schedule of zoom meetings. Each of them will host two 45-minute meetings, one on Friday and one on Saturday, to discuss their research projects and objectives with any of you who would like to learn more about them. You don’t need to sign up in advance and there are no limitations on how many can join. Our current graduate students will host zoom meetings on Saturday afternoon. The faculty discussions are timed so that you should be able to join one of the meetings with any of us whom you choose. The graduate student meetings run in parallel. You should feel free to come and go, as you would at a poster session where they were all presenting posters representing their groups. This is a chance to meet our current students and discuss their science, life in our research groups and at MIT, or other topics.

A Zoom meeting link is indicated for each meeting in the schedule on the main Virtual Visit page. Please use them to join any meeting of interest for you.