Ideas for Entertaining an Infant

Below are several ideas for entertaining an infant at home, courtesy of Technology Childcare Center.

  1. Reading
  2. Musical instruments using pots and pans or tupperware containers
  3. Bubble play – use baby wash, shampoo, dish detergent
  4. Water play – You can put in anything waterproof
  5. O’obleck – 2 to 1 recipe – 2 cups cornstarch mixed with 1 cup water  (food coloring optional)
  6. Stacking – blocks, books, boxes
  7. Color baskets – Make baskets full of all red or yellow or blue, etc.
  8. Aluminum foil painting
  9. Sticky Balls – reverse wrap balls with tape
  10. Ripping paper
  11. Shredded paper in baskets – hide toys or rattles inside
  12. Playing with shadows in the sunlight
  13. Taking a walk looking for signs of spring
  14. Playing music and dancing
  15. Painting
  16. Baby Yoga
  17. Sensory Baggies – Fill with shaving cream, water, water/oil, flour, rice, pasta
  18. Sand play 
  19. Ice Cube Painting – Make ice cubes using food coloring and let your child explore them on trays or white paper.
  20. Paper play – Give your child different types of paper – foil, magazine, newspaper, wax paper, crepe paper, wrapping paper and allow them to explore by crinkling, shredding, wadding, tearing.
  21. Make Discovery Bins.
  22. Clean Mud – add 3 cups baking soda in bowl add up to 1 cup water until reach desired consistency.
  23. Homemade Playdough
  24. 2 Cups flour, 2 tbsp. oil, ¾ cup salt, ½ cup water (food coloring optional.
  25. 2 cups flour, 3 tbsp. oil, ½ cup water (food coloring optional)
  26. Mix all ingredients together and then knead dough until no longer sticky is too dry add a little more water.
  27. ‘What’s inside the box’ using tissue boxes.