Class of COVID-19: Jordan Ho

Jordan Ho is a graduate student in the Kiessling Group.

Jordan Ho
Jordan Ho

Who are you quarantined with?
My roommate, just one.

How have your days changed since physical/social distancing became the new normal?
Staying with the same 100 or so square feet for the most part, and obviously not going out as often.

What do you miss most about the MIT Campus?
The short walks across Hockfield court to get coffee with labmates. Also the soup cards, but that’s a whole other thing.

What are you most looking forward to about the return to the “regularly scheduled program”
 Mostly just the sense of normalcy and not living in this foggy state where we don’t really know where the end is. And drinking outdoors with friends.

What are some aspects of this moment in time that you are grateful for?
My health, my friends and family, and dairy.

What are some new or preexisting activities/hobbies/research ventures that you’ve taken on while being in quarantine?
I’ve been playing Animal Crossing extensively since the quarantine. At least there I can run around free and make friends with mostly adorable, happy anthropomorphic animals.

A photo of two computer monitors with a bed in the background.
Jordan’s work-from-home space.

How have you been maintaining social connections while practicing social distancing?
In-zoom dinners with friends where we all order the same type of food.

What will you remember most about daily life during this global pandemic?
The insurmountable socializing through zoom and trying to constantly create funny zoom backgrounds.