Nolan and Shalek Receive Promotions

Categories: Faculty

Professor Elizabeth M. Nolan has been promoted to Professor, and Professor Alex K. Shlaek has been promoted to Associate Professor Without Tenure.

Associate Professor Elizabeth M. Nolan and Pfizer-Laubach Career Development Assistant Professor Alex K. Shalek have each been granted promotions – Nolan has been promoted to Professor and Shalek has been promoted to Associate Professor Without Tenure. Both promotions will go into effect on July 1, 2019.

Nolan received her B.A. from Smith College and her PhD from MIT. After completing postdoctoral research at Harvard University, she joined the Chemistry faculty in 2009. Research in the Nolan Group is motivated by the global problems of infectious disease and antibiotic resistance. The group investigates the chemistry and biology of small molecules, peptides, and proteins that participate in the human innate immune response and host/pathogen interaction, and contribute to microbial pathogenesis. In many projects, they emphasize how transition metals, and metal-ion chelators produced by either the host or microbe, contribute to these phenomena. Their experimental approach combines the techniques of inorganic and organic chemistries, biological chemistry, and microbiology.

Shalek received his B.A. from Columbia University and his PhD from Harvard University. Following a postdoctoral fellowship at Harvard University and Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard, he joined the Chemistry faculty in 2014. Research in the Shalek Lab is directed towards the creation and implementation of new technologies to understand how cells collectively perform systems-level functions in healthy and diseased states.