Undergraduate Teaching Assistants

Close to 2000 undergraduate students take Department of Chemistry classes during each academic year. Without the service of highly dedicated teaching assistants (TAs), who work with faculty as part of a teaching team, it would be difficult to achieve the high levels of instruction the department is known for.

In a typical lecture class TAs lead recitation sections, meeting with students for one to two hours beyond the three hours of weekly faculty lectures. Lab TAs assist students in conducting challenging laboratory experiments unique to the MIT chemistry curriculum. While TAs tend to be predominantly first-year chemistry graduates, qualified undergraduates are often hired to lead recitations.

Applications for undergraduate TA positions are accepted once a year, at the end of the Spring term. Applications for the 2021-2022 academic year will be due Tuesday, June 1, 2021. Undergraduates who are interested in TAing should view and sign the guidelines for undergraduate TAs. As TAing is a time-intensive duty, students should be positive that they are capable of fulfilling all of the job requirements before applying. All TAs must participate in a mandatory Teaching Workshop held each summer. This workshop is only offered once a year so any students interested in TAing for Spring 2022 should apply in Spring 2021 and be prepared to attend the workshop in August/September 2021.

How to Apply

For more information contact:
Jennifer Weisman
Academic Administrator, Chemistry Education Office