Transfer Students & Transfer Credit

Regular registered MIT students can apply to receive transfer credit for chemistry courses taken at another college or university by following the procedures outlined below. Transfer credit will be awarded only when the course taken elsewhere substantially resembles an MIT chemistry subject and when the student receives a grade of at least B (or the equivalent). The department may elect to have the student complete a competency exam to receive transfer credit. When an application is approved, the student receives credit for the equivalent MIT subject with a grade of “S”.

Guidelines for Specific Chemistry Subjects

AnchorApplication Procedure: What to Submit

  • A copy of the official transcript from the outside institution showing the final grade (B or higher) for the subject you completed. You must arrange to have the transcript sent directly to the MIT Registrar’s Office, and you should then obtain a copy from the Registrar to submit to the Chemistry Department with your application for transfer credit.
  • A completed copy of the “Request for Additional Credit Based on Subject Completed at Outside Institution” formThis form requires you to provide information on the course taken at the outside institution including the subject name and number, the principal textbook(s) used, the chapters covered, and the number of hours per week of lectures, recitations, etc.
  • A copy of the catalog description for the course taken at the outside institution as well as a detailed syllabus for the subject.
  • In some cases, the transfer credit examiner will request copies of all major assignments (e.g. midterm exams), showing your original work, from the course taken at another college or university.

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