Minor in Polymers and Soft Matter

A minor in polymers and soft matter (MPSM) is an undergraduate minor program that consists of a minimum of six subjects or five subjects and a one-semester laboratory experience. Five of the subjects are core subjects in Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Engineering, and Ethics, each of which is critical to understanding and applying knowledge of polymers and soft matter in real world settings.

Required Subjects

  • 3.063 Polymer Physics
  • 5.12 Organic Chemistry I
  • 10.01 Ethics for Engineers

Select one of the following:

  • 3.019 Introduction to Symbolic and Mathematical Computing
    & 3.029 Mathematics and Computational Thinking for Materials Scientists and Engineers I
  • 18.03 Differential Equations

Select one of the following1:

  • 2.001 Mechanics and Materials I
  • 3.020 Thermodynamics of Materials
  • 5.601 Thermodynamics I & 5.602 Thermodynamics II & Kinetics
  • 10.10 Introduction to Chemical Engineering
  • 20.110[J] Thermodynamics of Biomolecular Systems

Elective Subjects2 (select one of the following3):

  • 2.001 Mechanics and Materials I1
  • 2.627 Fundamentals of Photovoltaics
  • 3.010 Structure of Materials
  • 3.013 Mechanics of Materials
  • 3.023 Synthesis and Design of Materials
  • 3.055 Biomaterials Science and Engineering
  • 5.07 Introduction to Biological Chemistry
  • 5.13 Organic Chemistry II
  • 5.43 Advanced Organic Chemistry
  • 5.601 Thermodynamics I  & 5.602 Thermodynamics II & Kinetics1
  • 10.00 Molecule Builders
  • 10.10 Introduction to Chemical Engineering1
  • 10.443 Future Medicine: Drug Delivery, Therapeutics, and Diagnostics
  • 10.466 Structure of Soft Matter
  • 10.467 Polymer Science Laboratory
  • 20.110 Thermodynamics of Biomolecular Systems

1 These subjects can count as part of the required subjects or as restricted electives, but not both. Students majoring in Course 2, 2-A, or 2-OE may not count 2.001 toward the minor. Students majoring in course 3, 3-A, or 3-C may not count 3.010 toward the minor. Students majoring in Course 5 may not count 5.601/5.602 toward the minor. Students majoring in Course 10, 10-B, 10-C, or 10-ENG may not count 10.10 toward the minor.

2 Students must select an elective subject that is outside of the major field of study as approved by their minor advisor. As a general guideline, the elective should be from outside the student’s major department.

3 Students may substitute a one-semester UROP (12 units) in an area of research relevant to polymers and soft matter science or engineering. UROP must be approved by the MPSM advisor.


For administrative information about the MPSM Program, contact:
Madavin Vong
Room 6-205 x3-7271

For academic information about the MPSM Program, contact:
Professor Jeremiah Johnson
Room 18-296, 617-253-1819

For a general description of the Minor Program, refer to the MIT Course Bulletin’s information on Minors and for general guidelines refer to the information on Declaring a Minor from the Registrar’s Office.