5.52 Lab Rotation Program – For students interested in Chemical Biology

5.52 Lab Rotation Program - Fall 2022

5.52 is intended for first-year graduate students with a strong interest in chemical biology. As part of the 5.52 class ("Tutorial in Chemical Biology"), lab rotations will take place during the first nine weeks of the semester. Each rotation will be at least three weeks in duration and students will have a maximum of three placements.

Please fill out the form below to indicate your choices (in order of preference) for your THIRD lab rotation (Monday, October 17 - Sunday, November 6). Every effort will be made to send out assignments and set-up lab access by the end of the day on Friday, October 14 but it’s possible this could extend through the first scheduled day of the rotation (Monday, October 17). We have provided room for up to six choices but you are not required to select six choices.

The lab rotation options below are ONLY for students who will be enrolled in 5.52. Students who are not enrolling in 5.52 should fill out the Fall 2022 Desk Rotation Program Form.