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Christopher C. Cummins

Henry Dreyfus Professor
Research in the Cummins group is focused on developing new methods of inorganic synthesis to address a variety of interesting questions.
Photo of Professor Mircea Dinca

Mircea Dincă

W. M. Keck Professor of Energy
The Dincă Lab is focused on addressing research challenges related to the storage and consumption of energy and global environmental concerns.
Photo of Professor Catherine Drennan

Catherine L. Drennan

John and Dorothy Wilson Professor
By combining X-ray crystallography, cryo-electron microscopy and other biophysical methods, the goal of the Drennan lab is to “visualize” molecular processes by obtaining snapshots of enzymes in action.
A woman with brown curly hair stands in front of a blank wall.

Danna Freedman

F.G. Keyes Professor
The Freedman Group applies the atomistic control inherent to synthetic chemistry to address fundamental questions in physics.
Robert Gilliard smiles in an outdoor setting.

Robert J. Gilliard, Jr.

Novartis Associate Professor
The Gilliard Lab is engaged in energy-relevant chemical synthesis at the interface of inorganic and organic chemistry that impacts the discovery of new chemical reagents and the design of redox-active and/or luminescent molecular materials.
Professor Jeremiah Johnson smiles in a hallway.

Jeremiah A. Johnson

The Johnson laboratory seeks creative, macromolecular solutions to problems at the interface of chemistry, medicine, biology, and materials science.
Heather Kulik smiles in an outdoor setting.

Heather J. Kulik

Associate Professor
The Kulik group leverages multi-scale modeling, electronic structure calculations, and machine learning for the discovery of new molecules and mechanisms in a range of materials from metal-organic frameworks to enzymes and organometallics.
Image of Professor Liz Nolan

Elizabeth Marie Nolan

Ivan R. Cottrell Professor of Immunology
Our current research program is motivated by the global problems of infectious disease and antibiotic resistance.
Image of Professor Alex Radosevich

Alexander T. Radosevich

Research in the Radosevich group centers on the invention of new homogeneous catalysts and reagents based on inexpensive and earth-abundant elements of the p-block.
Yuriy Román smiles in front of a white board.

Yuriy Román

Professor of Chemistry & Chemical Engineering
The focus of the Román Group's research lies at the interface of heterogeneous catalysis and materials design.
Image of Professor Dan Suess

Daniel L.M. Suess

Associate Professor
Our main objective is to understand the molecular chemistry that underlies global biogeochemical cycles, with the ultimate goal of deploying this knowledge to improve human health and positively impact the environment.
Image of Professor Yogesh Surendranath

Yogesh Surendranath

The Surendranath Lab is focused on addressing global challenges in the areas of chemical catalysis, energy storage and utilization, and environmental stewardship.
Professor Tim Swager smiles in front of a map.

Timothy Manning Swager

John D. MacArthur Professor
Broadly focused on synthetic, supramolecular, analytical, and materials chemistry, the Swager Group is interested in a spectrum of topics with an emphasis on the synthesis and construction of functional assemblies.