Group photo of first year graduate students standing in a lecture hall

Welcome First Year Graduate Students of 2018

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52 first year graduate students have joined the Department of Chemistry.

The Department of Chemistry is pleased to welcome 52 first-year graduate students!

Nile Abularrage, Tufts University (Chemical Biology)

Clifford Allington, Colorado State University (Physical)

Jason Andresen, University of Richmond (Chemical Biology)

Johanna Barbour, Wheaton College (Inorganic)

Trever Bostelaar, University of Michigan (Inorganic)

Alex Callahan, University of Rochester (Organic)

Hayden Carder, University of Rochester (Organic)

Maria Alejandra Castellanos Morales, Universidad Icesi (Physical)

An Chu, Princeton University (Inorganic)

Amanda Cowfer, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (Chemical Biology)

Leo Delage-Laurin, Universite Laval (Organic)

Griffen Desroches, University of Delaware (Inorganic)

Ardavan Farahvash, University of California, Davis (Physical)

Charlotte Farquhar, Duke University (Chemical Biology)

JoLynn Giancola, Ohio State University (Chemical Biology)

Natalie Golota, Washington University in St. Louis Physical

Xin Gu, Ohio State University (Organic)

Chuchu Guo, Fudan University (Chemical Biology)

Daniel Harper, Point Loma Nazarene University (Physical)

Qilin He, Peking University (Organic)

Mikaila Hoffman, Oberlin College (Chemical Biology)

Keith Husted, McGill University (Organic)

Roger Jin, Harvard University (Inorganic)

Hyehwang Kim, University of Toronto (Inorganic)

James Knippel, Johns Hopkins University (Organic)

Jet Lem, New York University (Physical)

Noah Lewis, University of Chicago (Inorganic)

Soohyun Lim, Seoul National University (Inorganic)

Aaron Liu, Brown University (Organic)

Yongli Lu, University of Rochester (Physical)

Victoria Marando, McMaster University (Chemical Biology)

Amanuella Mengiste, Princeton University (Chemical Biology)

Gil Namkoong, Seoul National University (Chemical Biology)

Gino Occhialini, University of Texas, Dallas (Organic)

Jeong Min Park, Duke University (Physical)

Merjema Purak, University of Rochester (Organic)

Elaine Reichert, Harvard University (Organic)

Jacob Rodriguez, University of Colorado at Boulder (Chemical Biology)

Alexander Seim, Washington University in St. Louis (Organic)

Amogh Sood, Nagoya University (Physical)

Deepsing Syangtan, Bates College (Chemical Biology)

Bryan Tang, University of New South Wales (Inorganic)

Wei Lun Toh, Imperial College London (Inorganic)

Vyshnavi Vennelakanti, National Institute of Science Education and Research (Physical)

Katherine Walker, Wesleyan University (Organic)

Ruomeng Wan, California Institute of Technology (Inorganic)

Corshai Williams, Virginia Union University (Organic)

Evans Wralstad, University of Virginia (Chemical Biology)

Kathryn Yammine, Purdue University (Chemical Biology)

Jinyi Yang, Smith College (Chemical Biology)

Xiyun Ye, University of Hong Kong (Chemical Biology)

Jimin Yoon, University of Pennsylvania (Chemical Biology)