Chemistry & Biology Major

The Department of Biology and the Department of Chemistry offer a joint curriculum leading to a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry and Biology. The focus is on the intersection of these two subject areas, encompassing Biochemistry and Chemical Biology. Students in the program are full members of both departments, with one academic advisor from each department.


The Bachelor of Science in Chemistry and Biology prepares students for careers that involve applications of both subjects, including the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, as well as further graduate study in biochemistry, molecular biology, and chemical biology. The interdepartmental major program also provides a strong foundation for the study of clinical and research careers in medicine and related health professions.


The curriculum provides strong foundations in both Chemistry and Biology, with flexibility in elective subjects that enables students to tailor their major program to their specific interests within the broad interface of Biology and Chemistry. The requirements listed below are effective for the 2019-2020 Academic Year. The prior degree requirements are available here; if you have questions about the different requirements please contact Jennifer Weisman (Academic Administrator).

Chemistry & Biology Major Roadmaps