First Year Students

First year students will be assigned to teach either laboratory sections or recitations. First-year students usually teach in both the fall and spring terms. You will take graduate-level classes relating to your background and research interests in Chemistry. In addition, you will select a research supervisor and begin working on a research project. There are also many opportunities to get to know other graduate students in the department through social events organized by our student organizations! A lot happens during your first year, and the faculty, staff, and students are here to help you have a smooth transition to life as a graduate student at MIT.

Research Supervisor Selection

Graduate students in chemistry generally select a research supervisor during the first term of the program and begin thesis research by the beginning of the spring term. Choosing a research supervisor is one of the most important decisions you will make during your graduate career. To assist first-year graduate students with this process, the department has developed several ways for students to become acquainted with potential research supervisors and groups.