Undergraduate Research Inspired Experimental Chemistry Alternatives (URIECA)

The Department of Chemistry offers a laboratory curriculum that introduces students to cutting-edge research topics in a modular format.

Each URIECA module is based on or linked to the research of a faculty member in the department. URIECA teaches core chemistry concepts within the modern contexts of:

  • Catalysis
  • Synthesis
  • Nanoscience
  • Materials engineering
  • Biological imaging
  • Spectroscopy

In addition, many modules emphasize inquiry into the mechanical and electrical inner workings of the spectroscopic instrumentation used in the experiments, thereby presenting elementary engineering principles to the students.

The URIECA sequence is highly flexible:

  • composed of 12 independent modules
  • students may register for one to four modules per semester (See sample Roadmaps)
  • students have control over their workload and maximum flexibility in scheduling
  • students enrolled in up to three modules in a single semester can complete all of their lab work in only two afternoons a week