TA Preferences Fall 2020

Fall 2020 TA Assignment Preferences

Fall 2020 TA Assignment Preferences

Please complete the form below to indicate your ranked preferences for your Fall 2020 TA Assignment. We recommend that you list at least three choices.

If would like to view the subject descriptions for these classes, please review the Online Subject Listing.

The lab modules listed below are unique in both scheduling and content. More information about the lab modules is available here.
Fall 2020 Subjects

Lecture Subjects:
5.111 Principles of Chemical Science (designed for students with 1 year of HS Chem)
5.112 Principles of Chemical Science (designed for students with 2 years of HS Chem)
5.07 Biological Chemistry
5.12 Organic Chemistry I
5.13 Organic Chemistry II
5.60 Thermodynamics & Kinetics
5.61 Physical Chemistry (Introduction to Spectroscopy & Electronic Structure of Molecules)

Lab Subjects:
5.310 Laboratory Chemistry (for non-majors)
5.351 Fundamentals of Spectroscopy (Lab Module 1)
5.352 Synthesis of Coordination Compound and Kinetics (Lab Module 2)
5.353 Macromolecular Prodrugs (Lab Module 3)
5.363 Organic Structure Determination (Lab Module 6)
5.372 Chemistry of Renewable Energy (Lab Module 8)
5.373 Dinitrogen Cleavage (Lab Module 9)