Class of COVID-19: Quarantine Diaries from the Department of Chemistry

Members of the Department of Chemistry share snippets of their daily life in self-isolation in these Quarantine Diaries.

If you would like to participate, please submit your diary via this form.

Professor Mei Hong

Professor Mei Hong

Quarantined with her family, Professor Hong is making a point to appreciate a slower pace.

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Jordan Ho

Jordan Ho, Graduate Student

Jordan Ho, a member of the Kiessling Group, has embraced Zoom and Animal Crossing.

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A photo of Jessica Beard

Jessica Beard, Graduate Student

Jessica Beard, a member of the Swager Group, is working alongside her new colleague – her cat, Hera.

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Michele Harris, Human Resources Administrator

Michele has discovered the joys of board games via Zoom and appreciates the time for self-reflection.

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Macall Zimmerman

Macall Zimmerman, Senior Financial Officer

Macall is making the most of the unexpected time to spend with her two young daughters.

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Peter Giunta

Peter Giunta, Administrative Assistant

Peter is finding peace in a less-crowded city, and is grateful to be working at MIT from home.

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Edward Saliba, Postdoctoral Researcher

Edward has been taking this time to familiarize himself with Boston by taking solo walks around the city.

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A man stands in a hallway

Eric Vandenberghe, Administrative Assistant

Eric will remember the stay-at-home period as “one long day.”

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Scott Ide stands on a snowy campus.

Scott Ide, EHS Coordinator

Scott is one of the extreme few members of the department permitted to enter the MIT campus.

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Shannon Wagner stands in a hallway

Shannon Wagner, Senior Administrative Assistant

Shannon has rediscovered her bread baking hobby as a means to unwind and relieve stress.

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A photo of Erin holding a baby bulldog.

Erin Erhart

Erin Erhart is quarantined with three roommates: two cats and a human.

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