Chemistry Alliance for Diversity Inclusion

The student-run Chemistry Alliance for Diversity and Inclusion (CADI) supports the success of underrepresented minority (URM) chemists at MIT. The group’s goal is to ensure a safe, inclusive, and supportive environment that encourages the success of the URM community. CADI is committed to enriching experiences within the Department of Chemistry, and assisting individuals to fully realize their potential in both their academic and professional chemistry pursuits.

CADI serves to:

Facilitate impactful conversations, initiatives, workshops, and social events centered around fostering inclusion within and beyond the Department of Chemistry.

Offer resources and guidance to assist individuals throughout their MIT experience by serving as a bridge to various relevant offices and student organizations throughout MIT and the greater Boston area.

Host professional development events with the goal of assisting students to forge meaningful connections and provide guidance and advice for underrepresented individuals who are navigating their careers within the greater scientific community.

Assist URMs seeking admission to the MIT Chemistry PhD Program through application mentorship and support.

Timothy F. Jamison, Head of the Department of Chemistry envisions the day when chemistry department student-run groups, which are overseen by the department, are all funded in perpetuity. Raising funds for CADI will be the department’s priority during MIT’s 24-hr challenge on March 14 (π-day).