URIECA Module Registration


Each module of a URIECA subject is worth 4 units of credit, and students pre-register for URIECA modules in a two-step process. In addition to the usual pre-registration process through WebSIS, students must also sign up for specific modules on the Department of Chemistry website via the links below. Failure to sign up for the modules could result in being denied access even if students pre-register.

To sign up for specific modules, students may access the appropriate online form through either the online subject listing for each class or by following the appropriate link(s) below:

Students who do not plan to complete all three modules in a subject should register for the "U" equivalent subject (5.35U, 5.36U, or 5.37U).

Students who will typically opt for a "U" subject are:

  • freshmen who are exploring chemistry and wish to take only one or two modules in 5.35
  • premed students who wish to take only the organic and biochemistry modules within 5.36 and 5.37


Sample schedules that show three different approaches students can take when registering for their chemistry classes and URIECA subjects are available as Roadmaps here.

Important note regarding Registration Day: Because these courses are set up as variable-unit subjects, students must verify the number of units that they are taking for each URIECA subject on their Registration Form. Students registering for any non-U subject (5.35, 5.36, 5.37, or 5.38) may register for 4, 8, or 12 units of credit per term, up to a maximum of 12 units per subject. Students registering for any U subject (5.35U, 5.36U, or 5.37U) may register for 4 or 8 units of credit per term, up to a maximum of 12 units per subject.


The URIECA subjects are J-graded. A J-graded subject is one where the final grade is not recorded until 12 units, or three modules are completed. Students will receive a grade of J in each semester that they complete less than three modules in the subject. Once three modules are complete, each J grade on the transcript will appear as J/X, where X is the the grade for the subject. Please note that although 5.36 and 5.37 each carry three modules totaling 12 units, the modules are not offered in the same semester. Students will not be able to register for 12 units of these subjects in any one semester.