The MIT Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP) provides undergraduates with a chance to collaborate with MIT faculty in research at the cutting edge of the chemical sciences. Participating in a UROP project is an excellent way to experience the excitement of discovery and to further develop your communication and teamwork skills. In addition, UROP provides an opportunity to develop closer relationships with faculty and research staff.

The UROP advisor for the Chemistry Department is Prof. Alex Radosevich (Room 2-321, x3-4503). If you are interested in a chemistry UROP you should make an appointment with him to discuss your research interests and to receive advice on how to find a position in the department.

Please note that credit is obtained for undergraduate research by registering for 5.UR or 5.URG and by submitting a for-credit UROP application before the UROP deadlines. To receive credit, students enrolled in 5.UR (research for Pass/Fail grade) must file a progress report with the UROP coordinator. To receive credit, students enrolled in 5.URG (research for letter grade) are required to submit a ten-page final written report to their research advisor prior to the last day of classes. Please note that 5.URG may be taken for up to 12 units per term, not to exceed a cumulative total of 48 units.

For more detailed information about UROP, please visit the UROP Office website.