Suntharalingam receives 2014 Dalton Young Researchers Award

Liz McGrath
May 6, 2014

Kogularamanan "Rama" Suntharalingam has been selected by the Royal Society of Chemistry to receive the 2014 Dalton Young Researchers Award in Chemistry for his contributions to the design and development of new metallo-pharmaceuticals and to the understanding of their complex mechanisms of action.   Rama, who was born in 1986, is of Tamil origin and grew up in the U.K.  He attended Imperial College London for his undergraduate studies where, in 2008, he received a first-class MSci degree in Chemistry. He continued his studies at Imperial College and received a PhD in Chemistry in 2012.

Under the mentorship of his PhD advisor, Professor Ramon Vilar, Suntharalingam explored the interaction of metal complexes with quadruplex DNA. During that time, Rama published several high-impact papers in top-flight journals, and presented his findings at national and international conferences including the "Daltons Transaction Younger Researchers Symposium" in 2011. Rama has also co-authored three book chapters (one as a single author).

Rama is currently a postdoc in Professor Stephen J. Lippard's research group in the Department of Chemistry.  His current research combines facets of inorganic chemistry, nanotechnology, and molecular biology. Lippard refers to Suntharalingam as "a wonderfully creative addition to the laboratory."

There is a lectureship associated with the award and Rama will be delivering lectures at up to four universities within the UK over the period of September 2014 through May 2015.