Sixteen Graduate Students Honored at the 2016-2017 TA Awards Ceremony

Danielle Randall
August 29, 2017

Photo: Back Row (L-R): Kyan D’Angelo, Jesse Gordon, Andrew Licini, Scott Shepard, Andrew Navia, Emily Zygiel, Alex Shcherbakov, Kristin Zuromski
Front Row (L-R): Lexie McIsaac, Amr Dodin, Katie McGeough, Carly Schissel, Erica Tsai, Lisa Cunden, Shwetha Srinivasan
Not pictured: Cassie Zentner

At an awards ceremony and reception held in the Stata Center on Monday, August 28, the following graduate students received the Department of Chemistry Award for Outstanding Teaching for 2016-2017 in recognition of their contributions to teaching in the Department:

Kyan D’Angelo
Amr Dodin
Jesse Gordon
Andrew Licini
Katie McGeough
Lexie McIsaac
Andrew Navia
Carly Schissel
Alexander Shcherbakov
Scott Shepard
Shwetha Srinivasan
Erica Tsai
Cassie Zentner
Kristin Zuromski
Emily Zygiel

Additionally, Lisa Cunden received the Department of Chemistry Award for Continued Excellence in Teaching for 2016-2017.

The award recipients were joined by the incoming Chemistry graduate students, as well as members of the faculty, to celebrate their achievement.