X-Ray Diffraction Facility

The Department of Chemistry's X-Ray Diffraction Facility is located on the 3rd floor of Building 2 (2-325) on the MIT campus. Principal Research Scientist, Dr. Peter Mueller, is the Director of the facility. The facility is equipped with two modern and versatile Bruker diffractometers. These diffractometers are coupled to extraordinarily sensitive Bruker APEX and APEX2 CCD detectors that give rise to high-resolution data even on very small crystals (down to 10μm) and facilitate the collection of complete and highly redundant datasets in any given Laue class. Modern low-temperature devices from Oxford Cryosystems, covering a temperature range from 90 to 500K, complete our setup.  The X-ray Diffraction Facility offers full single crystal X-ray structure determination at two wavelengths (Cu or Mo), including the determination of absolute configuration of chiral molecules from anomalous scattering.

Department of Chemistry X-Ray Diffraction Facility
77 Massachusetts Avenue
Cambridge, MA 02139
Phone: (617) 253-1884
Hours of operation are Monday - Friday from 9:00AM. to 4:00PM.
Feel free to drop by any time, or reach out to make an appointment.

For External Reservations

If you are not MIT faculty, student, or staff, but wish to use the X-Facility should click here for an online form.