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Alison Wendlandt

Assistant Professor

Research in the Wendlandt Group focuses on the development of selective, catalytic reactions using the tools of organic/organometallic synthesis and physical organic chemistry. Mechanistic study plays a central role in the development of these new transformations. Projects in our group involve:

  • design of new catalysts and catalytic transformations
  • identification of important applications for selective catalytic processes
  • elucidation of new mechanistic principles to expand powerful existing catalytic reaction manifolds

Researchers in our group can expect to gain expertise in synthetic organic chemistry, reaction kinetics and mechanistic study.

Contact Information

t: 617-452-2635




B.S. University of Chicago
M.S. Yale University
Ph.D. University of Wisconsin-Madison

Administrative Assistant

Alison Wendlandt Office Phone: 617-452-2635


Nancy Parkinson

t: 617-253-1830