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Peter Mueller

Principal Research Scientist

Peter Mueller has been the director of the MIT Department of Chemistry's X-ray diffraction facility since 2004.

As a crystallographer, Dr. Mueller strives to extract the best structure possible out of every crystal. Even though single crystal X-ray structure determination is in some ways a mature science, the quality of many published crystal structures leaves room for improvement ( e.g. Marsh 2004, Marsh 2003, Lutz & Spek 2004, Speck 2003). Dating back to his doctoral work in George Sheldrick's lab, one of the leading crystallographic groups in the world, he spent most of my research improving the method of X-ray crystallography. Consequently the title of my thesis was “ Problems of Modern High-Resolution Single-Crystal X-Ray Structure Determination ”. At MIT, Dr. Mueller is continuing this theme, primarily focusing on four fields: Data collection strategies, whole-molecule disorder, low-temperature phase transitions, and crystal packing. 

Contact Information

t: 6172531884