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Christopher C Cummins

Henry Dreyfus Professor of Chemistry

Researchers in the Cummins group are developing new methods of inorganic synthesis to address a variety of interesting questions. The activation of small molecules by transition-metal systems is a featured area, with ongoing work in the areas of synthetic N2 fixation, CO2 reduction, and P4 utilization. We are developing thermally activated molecular precursors to reactive small molecules or transient intermediates such as P2 and HCP, molecules of astrophysical importance. Studies on supramolecular anion receptor host-guest chemistry inform our work on O2 electron transfer processes, germane to solar energy storage and approaches to improved metal-air battery technology. Discoveries in organic-media soluble acid forms of metaphosphates (cyclic oligomers of formula [PO3]nn-) provide a new approach to chemical phosphorylation, as well as a facile route to metaphosphate complexes of main-group and transition-metal ions for evaluation as battery cathode materials. Experimental studies are supplemented with quantum chemical investigations for analysis of chemical bonding, reaction mechanisms, and property predictions.




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