Future Faculty Workshop

MIT Endicott House


July 20-22, 2014


The 2.5 day workshop will seek to provide mentorship to aspiring underrepresented minority senior graduate students and post-doctoral fellows with ambitions to become independent academic researchers in the areas of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering as it relates to Polymer Science, Materials Science, and Supramolecular Science. The workshop will be held in Massachusetts outside of Boston at MIT’s Endicott House from the evening of Sunday July 20 to Tuesday evening July 22, 2014.

To-date 24 eminent professors from around the country have mentored students at Future Faculty Workshops.  Approximately 15 professors (some who have mentored before) will take part in the 2014 workshop. The goal is to maintain a student/faculty ratio that is less than four. This is the 7th workshop in this series.  Previous workshops (see adjacent photo gallery) were held at MIT (2008), Carnegie Mellon University (2009), the University of Massachusetts Amherst (2010), MIT (2011), University of California, Santa Barbara (2012), and Georgia Institute of Technology (2013).

Senior graduate students and post-doctoral fellows from Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Polymer Science, Materials Science and related departments are encouraged to apply. Applications should include a resume, a short personal statement (including research interests and career goals), and contact information for two faculty referees. The workshop attendance will be limited to 20-25 students. Reasonable travel costs will be covered. The deadline for submissions is June 2, 2014. Early submissions are welcome as applications may be accepted before the deadline date.  Click here to fill out the application form.

The workshop is sponsored by

MIT’s Center for Materials Science and Engineering
Harvard’s Materials Research Science and Engineering Center

Professor Timothy M. Swager, Co-organizer
Professor Jeremiah A. Johnson, Co-organizer