Magnet 800 install

Magnet arrives through the roof of NW14

With much anticipation, on March 18, 2015, Professor Mei Hong’s group saw their long-awaited 800 MHz NMR (nuclear magnetic resonance) magnet come through the 2nd floor roof of the magnet lab in NW14, to newly renovated laboratory space. The 3900 kg magnet, when energized, will produce a magnetic field that is ~400,000 times larger than the earth’s magnetic field, or more than 6 times larger than a 3 Tesla MRI magnet at hospitals. With this high-field magnet and the associated radiofrequency console, the Hong group will study many structural biology and biophysical questions as well as investigating energy-rich materials. They are particularly interested in membrane proteins of flu viruses, paramyxoviruses, and HIV, antimicrobial compounds, amyloid fibrils, and plant cell wall polysaccharides. The high resolution and sensitivity afforded by this 18.8 Tesla magnet promise to provide high-resolution structural information that is difficult to obtain from lower-field NMR systems. This latest acquisition adds to an already impressive array of existing high-field NMR systems in the Francis Bitter magnet lab, which include a 900 MHz system, two other 800’s, two 750’s, one 700 and various lower-field NMRs.