Guide to High School Student Visitors/Minors in the Laboratory

On occasion, a faculty member may have interest in hosting a high school student or minor in his or her group.  In order to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience, a number of steps must be completed well in advance of the student's arrival.  This includes a Environmental Hazards Assessment conducted by the Environmental Health and Safety Coordinator; completion of background checks for the faculty member and all laboratory supervisors; completion of a registration and Code of Conduct form; registration fo the program with the MIT Office of Risk Management; completion of a valid work permit; and several other forms completed by the students' parent(s) or guardian(s).

It is Institute policy to maintain certain personnel and safety practices concerning the employment of minors. The Commonwealth of Massachusetts and the federal government place restrictions on the type of work that may be performed by minors and the hours minors may work.

MIT prohibits the employment or internships of any minors under age 16, whether paid or unpaid. Persons under 18 years of age must present certification that they are legally eligible to work. This Employment Permit is obtained through the minor’s school system. The Employment Permit must be provided to the responsible person before the minor starts work.

If you are interested in hosting a high school student in your group, please contact Human Resources Administrator Michele Harris and Environmental Healthy & Safety Coordinator Scott Ide at least 60 days prior to the student's planned arrival.

For additional information on MIT's policies on minors performing research at MIT, please see Guidelines for Minors Working, Interning or Visiting in MIT’s DLCs.